Dutch Mountain Pale Ale

As a new experiment, we proudly present the new Pale Ale named “Dutch Mountain” with lots of honeydew melon and tobacco aromas. We integrated American as well as Chinese hops and a mixed-up top-fermented yeast from Germany and the US. Soooo colorful! πŸ™‚ It has long as it has.


Happy Brewday!

XΓ©nia’s friends invited her to a craft brewing course as a birthday present at Black Deer Brewing. Learning how to brew a tasteful beer with love is something special. All have enthusiastically taken part in brewing their own handmade beer. Teamwork comme il faut. πŸ˜‰
Now we are all waiting with bated breath for this German Wheat with its sexy banana flavor. πŸ˜›
Brewing Workshop

Boah look at this!

The brewmaster gaves a hint of his writing skills. See what’s available now on this wonderful chalkboard! πŸ˜‰
Also important: Let your eyes walk down to the left. See? There is the small widget NEXT TIME OPEN which shows you up to date on what day and what time you can visit us.


A new beer is born

Capo’s American IPA

We are pleased to introduce along with Capo and team their new custom-made American IPA! Come and clink glasses with us, we are on the spot! πŸ™‚

flyer caposburger