Dutch Mountain Pale Ale

As a new experiment, we proudly present the new Pale Ale named “Dutch Mountain” with lots of honeydew melon and tobacco aromas. We integrated American as well as Chinese hops and a mixed-up top-fermented yeast from Germany and the US. Soooo colorful! 🙂 It has long as it has.


The fun has just begun…

After a great nite at Capo’s Burger House last weekend, it’s now clear for BDB what to do!
The first brew of the new custom-made, shiny red American IPA surprises with a blackberry-litchi nose, a sparkling mouthfeeling and a thrust bitterness in the finish. A big “thank you” to Steve who already infects everybody walkin’ in with his enthusiasm to enjoy this beer! 🙂 The official release or rather tapping is the end of March, so keep your bright blue eyes wide awake! 😉


Homemade Goodness

caposlogo2Full of flavor and 101% homemade burgers is what you will get in Capo’s Burger House. But not only that. This amazing restaurant based in Wil is set up to the last detail with awesome treasures from the whole United States.
I really love this kick-ass American Style and their obliging attendance around your dining corner. And these are just three reasons why I am so excited to create now a custom-made American IPA with these guys! Everything is currently in the initial phase, but we will keep you posted of any progress, so that you have the chance to savor the Capo’s American IPA as one of the first and only there! Can’t wait? Click on capos-burger.ch and become already one with it…