Black Deer Brewing was with its brewing capacity of 18 gallons (70l) the proudly smallest registered craft brewery in St. Gallen. After the move in January 2017, BDB is now with Morris Huber the finest and only brewery in Oberbüren.

Don’t you think that a permanent range of more or less five beers and the compliance with the “Reinheitsgebot” are a handicap? There are so many other tastes we’ve never tried in our outside affecting life!
So never expect a regular beer from us, which is constantly available. For your infinite prosperity, BDB brews popular beers from time to time, but always with variations and improvements. BDB sets new and creative ideas into tasteful, crazy, curious and delightful beers. Subsequently, it gets brewed several times and constantly optimized. And you can be a part of it from the beginning!

In other words: A good beer is always different.

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