Dutch Mountain Pale Ale

As a new experiment, we proudly present the new Pale Ale named “Dutch Mountain” with lots of honeydew melon and tobacco aromas. We integrated American as well as Chinese hops and a mixed-up top-fermented yeast from Germany and the US. Soooo colorful! 🙂 It has long as it has.


House beer launch in the Geschmackslokal

We are proud to brew the new custom-tailored “house beer” for our friends from the Geschmackslokal in St. Gallen. It’s a black smoke-flavoured ale that goes very well with goulash and hearty stews. Oh yeah! 😛

Schwarzes Rauchbier! Extra für uns gebraut von @blackdeerbrewing #GESCHMACKSLOKAL #newnew

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Happy Brewday!

Xénia’s friends invited her to a craft brewing course as a birthday present at Black Deer Brewing. Learning how to brew a tasteful beer with love is something special. All have enthusiastically taken part in brewing their own handmade beer. Teamwork comme il faut. 😉
Now we are all waiting with bated breath for this German Wheat with its sexy banana flavor. 😛
Brewing Workshop

Our first yeast culture

Marcel has just begun growing our first yeast culture. In a while we will be able to cultivate our own favorite yeast that no one else has! 😋 Of course it takes a while, but nothing is impossible. Anyway, we have fun and are already excited!

Start with our first yeast culture. 😋 #yeast #craftbeer #blackdeer #culture

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